SHN Presents: Minnesota Sports History Show

The Minnesota Sports History Show is part of the Sports History Network – The Headquarters For Sports Yesteryear.


Welcome to the Minnesota Sports History Show. Every week, we’ll explore Minnesota sports’ rich past.

Cue Bud Grant, and Randy Moss. The collapsing of the Metrodome. Lindsey Whalen. Dreams of championship baseball and a hockey team that used to be.

Triumphs. Heartbreak. It’s all here.

We’ll cover stories and personalities that put Minnesota on the map, and unearth hidden gems obscured by time and location. I’m compelled to root for the underdog and ask you to humor me in my obsession with Minnesota-centric sports history.

I’m your host, Ryan Limbag. Born and raised on the East Side of St. Paul, I wear purple pride on my sleeve and advocate for pronto pup excellence. I know how much your hometown can mean for your interests, worldview, and identity. I want to make connections with our past and consider how it impacts us today. From the NBA’s first dynasty to the love boat, our beloved rivalries and quest for relevancy. If it has to do with Minnesota sports, it’s fair game.


Each episode explores the rich history of Minnesota sports and considers its impact on the current cultural zeitgeist. The Minnesota Sports History Show strives to entertain as well as inform, tickle the sense of nostalgia, and share the joy and hardships of triumph and heartbreak. Episodes will range from musings about the Dome Dog era to interviews with athletes and sports personalities.   

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